Harlan City Police Dept. to conduct safety checks

Published 12:18 pm Saturday, May 21, 2022

The Harlan Police Department will be conducting traffic safety checkpoints within the Harlan City limits and surrounding areas to check motorists for compliance with motor vehicle laws including driving under the influence.

This is to provide for a high visibility, public safety service, focusing on vehicular equipment deficiencies, confirming appropriate registration and insurance of vehicles, and the valid licensing of drivers.

The Harlan police department will be concentrating their efforts in the following areas.
 KY 38 near the tunnels
 KY 72 at Dressen
 US 421 at Grays Knob
 River Street
 S Main Street
 N Main Street
 KY 3459 Sunshine
 Duffield Street

Vehicle operators encountering a traffic safety checkpoint, which will be clearly marked, are requested to have their operator’s license, vehicle registration receipt, and proof of insurance available.
Any delay is expected to be no more than a few minutes.

**According to the law, checkpoints must be published so that the public is aware of the locations of traffic safety checkpoints. While the Harlan Police Department is publishing the locations, we are not required to publish the times or duration of the checkpoints.