County declares May Drug Court Month

Published 8:46 am Thursday, May 5, 2022

Harlan County Judge-Executive Dan Mosley signed a resolution on Monday proclaiming May to be Drug Court Month in Harlan County.

Mosley signed the proclamation at the Harlan County Courthouse, with Circuit Judge Kent Hendrickson, District Judge Scott Lisenbee, Drug Court Case Manager Ashley Curry and Drug Court Program Coordinator Carol Blevins in attendance, as well as several Drug Court participants.

“We’re proud of you for going through this process,” Mosley told the participants. “You’ve got a great support network with Carol and Ashley and the judges. We appreciate your commitment, that’s what it takes.”

Mosley then read the proclamation.

“Treatment courts have been restoring lives and families for more than three decades,” Mosley read. “There are now nearly 4,000 treatment courts nationwide, and treatment courts are the cornerstone of justice reform sweeping the nation.”

The proclamation states treatment courts have served over 1.5 million individuals, and are now recognized as the most successful justice system intervention in the history of the United States. The program saves approximately $6,000 for every individual served, and significantly improves substance use disorder treatment outcomes. They also reduce addiction and related crime substantially, and accomplish this with less expense than any other option available to the criminal justice system.

The proclamation additionally states treatment courts improve employment, housing, education and financial stability for participants, as well as promoting family reunification, reducing foster care placements and increasing the rate of addicted mothers delivering fully drug free babies.

Hendrickson stated the drug court program has worked well in Harlan County, with many participants successfully completing the program.