KY 72 Suffers Drainage Issue

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Drivers operating on KY 72 near Caball Estates occasionally face standing water during flash flood events, a situation that could make travel in the area risky. The Harlan County Fiscal Court addressed the issue during a recent meeting.

Harlan County Judge-Executive Dan Mosley asked Robert Perkins of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet about the issue.

“I met with a resident on KY 72 at Catrons Creek,” Mosley said. “They’re seeing a large amount of water – I don’t know if something’s been changed with the ditching in that area – but they fear the drainage coming out of two hollows are coming down into one channel that can’t hold the amount of water that’s coming out. It didn’t happen with the high water a couple of weeks ago, but it wasn’t a flash flood event so there wasn’t an issue…but anytime we’ve had a flash flood event there’s been a lot of water channeled into that ditch.”

According to Mosley, it appears the problem is mostly in the vicinity of the Caball Estates entrance.

“It’s almost like the channel has changed and it’s forced all the water into this one area,” Mosley explained. “We’ve also got county roads that have been impacted as well, with water running across those in a very deep and rapid fashion.”

Mosley said residents have also complained about property erosion caused by the situation.

“The problem we’re having is we’re so short staffed,” Perkins said. “Basically, we don’t have enough people and it’s pushing everything to the limits…but that one you mentioned, if you can give me a mile point or GPS Coordinate?”

Mosley said a resident of the area has filed a complaint with the Department of Natural Resources.

“They responded back, and basically told her that it was a transportation problem,” Mosley said. “If you could get to that, we’d appreciate it.”

Perkins indicated he would follow up on the issue.