Harlan Elementary School Academic Team Captures Region 26 District Title; Fifth Consecutive Title for Harlan

Published 3:07 pm Monday, March 7, 2022

The Harlan Elementary School Academic Team followed up their fifth District 101 title with a matching Region 26 title over the weekend. With another impressive finish, the Green Dragons added their tenth championship trophy to the trophy case in the last five years.

The 2022 Regional title is the fifth consecutive title for Harlan Elementary School.

Harlan students placed in every assessment area while also capturing first place in the Future Problem Solving competition and third place in Quick Recall. The Green Dragons Micah Shope and Shaedyn Crow took first place in Science and Language Arts respectively.

Shope added to his medal count on the day finishing second in Math.

Natalie Adams took home medals in both Language Arts and Arts & Humanities, finishing 2nd and 3rd place. Grant Lee, Logan Thompson, Zoe Lawson, Cooper Thomas, and Camille Noe all took home medals placing in the top five of their assessment areas.

Coached by Brent Roy, Sierra Crow, and Leanne Chasteen, the Green Dragons have helped building a winning foundation for the Harlan Academic Teams as the both Harlan Middle and Harlan High. The academic programs have had great success over the last two decades.

Harlan Middle School won their 17th title in the last 20 years, while Harlan High School won its 22nd title in the last 25 years early this year.

“Our students know we expect the very best out of them every year and they always rise to the occasion,” Coach Sierra Crow said. “They put in a lot of hard work and get a lot of support from their coaches and teachers to help them achieve this level of academic success.”

Harlan Elementary School Principal Tara Posey pointed to the collective efforts across the district over the last two years as a lynchpin to the success students have at Harlan.

“Our district from the top-down, has demonstrated the importance of staying connected to our students and maintaining high expectations while offering many supportive resources to families,” Posey said. “Our goal is help every single student bounce back better than before. Our students are demonstrating their resiliency and we are really proud of them.”

The 2022 title marks the Green Dragons fifth consecutive district title is coached by Brent Roy, LeAnne Chasteen, and Sierra Crow.

The top five finishers in each subject area assessment will advance to regional competition.

Overall Final Standings: Points
1 st Harlan Elementary 44
2 nd Midlesboro Elementary 22
3 rd Yellow Creek Elementary 20.5
4 th Pineville Elementary 18
5 th Rosspoint Elementary 8
6 th Wallins Elementary 6
7 th Page School Center 4
8 th Evarts Elementary 1.5

1 st Elijah McDermott (Pineville Elementary)
2 nd Micah Shope (Harlan Elementary)
3 rd Grayson Short (Rosspoint Elementary)
4 th Allison Osbourne (Yellow Creek Elementary)
5 th Wyatt Goodin (Pineville Elementary)

1 st Micah Shope (Harlan Elementary)
2 nd Grayson Short (Rosspoint Elementary)
3 rd Aariz Ahmad (Middlesboro Elementary)
4 th Grant Lee (Harlan Elementary)
5 th Luke Carmical (Wallins Elementary)

Social Studies:
1 st Rhilynn Rogers (Middlesboro Elementary)
2 nd Jack Eld (Wallins Elementary)
3 rd Josiah Gilbert (Yellow Creek Elementary)
4 th Charles Nierengarten (Pineville Elementary)
5 th Logan Thompson (Harlan Elementary)

Language Arts:
1 st Shaedyn Crow (Harlan Elementary)
2 nd Natalie Adams (Harlan Elementary)
3 rd tie Kinley Turner (Yellow Creek Elementary)
3 rd tie Taylor Hatfield (Yellow Creek Elementary)
3 rd tie Zoe Lawson (Harlan Elementary)

Arts and Humanities:
1 st Rhilynn Rogers (Middlesboro Elementary)
2 nd Cooper Thomas (Harlan Elementary)
3 rd Natalie Adams (Harlan Elementary)
4 th Jacklynn Patrick (Pineville Elementary)
5 th Jack Eld (Wallins Elementary)

1 st Kinley Turner (Yellow Creek Elementary)
2 nd Ellie Humfleet (Page School Center)
3 rd Camille Noe (Harlan Elementary)
4 th tie Stella Cochran (Evarts Elementary)
4 th tie Allison Osborne (Yellow Creek Elementary)

Quick Recall:
1 st Middlesboro Elementary
2 nd Pineville Elementary
3 rd Harlan Elementary
4 th Rosspoint Elementary
5 th tie Wallins Elementary
5 th tie Evarts Elementary
5 th tie Yellow Creek Elementary
5 th tie Cawood Elementary

Future Problem Solving:
1 st Harlan Elementary
2 nd Yellow Creek Elementary
3 rd Pineville Elementary
4 th Middleboro Elementary
5 th Evarts Elementary