Evarts Fire Department distributes food boxes

Published 12:18 pm Wednesday, January 5, 2022

The Evarts Fire Department recently distributed food boxes and fruit baskets to some local folks to mark the Christmas holiday, adding a little cheer to the holiday season.

Evarts Fire Chief Cledo Powers talked about the activity during a recent telephone interview.

According to Powers, the food boxes were made possible through funds acquired from different sources.

“We got some donations,” Powers said. “We also collected from roadblocks here and there.”

Powers pointed out the Evarts Fire Department put together about a dozen food boxes to be given out.

“We sat down and looked at some people who could use it, such as elderly people who can’t go out,” Powers said. “Then we just delivered the food boxes to them.”

Powers added in addition to the food boxes, the department also distributed fruit baskets.

“We did 25 fruit baskets,” Powers said.

Powers said the fruit baskets were handed out to people who may simply need to be remembered at Christmas.

“We handed those out to some elderly people,” Powers said. “Older people can use a little love, so they know somebody still cares for them whether they needed it or not. It was mostly just to show them somebody cares.”

Powers said some folks may have received both a food box and a fruit basket.

The Evarts Fire Department has been giving out fruit baskets for a few years, but this was the first year the department gave out the food boxes.

The fruit baskets, we’ve for the last three or four years,” Powers said. 

Being able to give out the food boxes and fruit baskets provided the firefighters with an enjoyable experience.

“It tickled us to death,” Powers said. “It warms our hearts and makes us feel good. I really enjoy doing that.”