PLAIN THOUGHTS: Education, Not Indoctrination

Published 11:42 am Wednesday, November 10, 2021

By Judith Hensley

I spent most of my life in school either as a student or as a teacher. I still remember when the main goal of education was to learn how to read, write, and do arithmetic. We also had other subjects like science, social studies, art, and physical education, but every subject was geared toward teaching us how to become independent successful adults.

As I taught school, I had subjects and lessons to teach that were mandated by the state. They were guidelines to make sure we taught skills and abilities to our students and covered informative material about the natural and historical world. One of my biggest goals was to create student learning opportunities which gave them the chance to love and share with their families, appreciate their country and our regional culture, to become independent thinkers, and to become lifelong learners.

In my opinion, this is what education should be. We should give our students critical thinking and  processing skills, understanding, accurate knowledge of the world past and present, and the ability to think for themselves. With the information we impart to our children and our students, they should  have a foundation to function successfully in life.

This is education.

When did the public school system become a crippled creature controlled by the government and used for indoctrination? It seems those sitting in high places making decisions for our children and grandchildren have an agenda of their own.

It appears the goal has become not teaching them how to think, but rather WHAT to think.

Who gets to decide? What is their real agenda? How are they trying to program the educational system with teachers as their forced minions to impart a new generation of children who swallow what the system puts out – hook, line, and sinker. Teachers don’t want to teach garbage to their students. They don’t want to be a political boiling pot for parents and kids. They don’t want to be forced to teach children material that violates their own personal values and faith.

Who in their right mind would approve a curriculum that teaches children to hate each other because of the color of their ancestors’ skin, or even their ancestors’ sins toward humanity? We should learn and change by those mistakes – NOT repeat them. I guarantee that teachers at large are not the ones who came up with Critical Race Theory, or the idea that if a boy feels like a girl today, he gets to use the girls’ bathroom.

A lot of damage to our culture, our values, our society, and our politics has been done in college for decades. But that brain washing indoctrination for children between 18-25 when their brains aren’t even completely developed was not enough to satisfy the robotron power mongers whose real agenda is to control and rule society. Now they realize that students have already developed personalities, values, and the ability to think for themselves before they get to college. The power of the university is not enough to undo cultural and spiritual values that come with a student from home, education through high school and then on to college.

So,  they’ve taken the indoctrination process all the way down to kindergarten. Those in power want to keep their power. They want generations of mind-controlled children to be primed and ready when they make the big push to take over this country and to take over the world. The handwriting is on the wall.  None of these shifts in educational mandates and curriculum are innocent. None of them are without purpose. None o them make our students smarter, but do make them more vulnerable.

It’s time for parents and grandparents to use their voices to protect our children. We don’t even teach students cursive writing any more, but that time can be spent teaching them to rewrite history, undermine family, and faith.

It’s time for a wake-up call. Our schools should be accountable for education rather than indoctrination.