LETTER: ‘Physical alcohol dependency can be one of the most dangerous addictions’

Published 2:10 pm Friday, October 15, 2021


At the onset of Covid 19, alcohol sales skyrocketed across the country. In the third week of March 2020, sales of alcohol increased by 55% with online increasing by 243%. According to The National Library of Medicine, 60% of those surveyed reported an increase in daily drinking. We at Narconon have also observed an increase in career professionals who drank more heavily after losing their careers due to local and government shutdowns.

Physical alcohol dependency can be one of the most dangerous addictions. It leads to a wide range of long-term medical problems which can include jaundice, liver disease, kidney damage, and brain damage. To make matters worse, those who are physically dependent upon alcohol they cannot simply quit.

Once an individual has become physically dependent upon alcohol, they can suffer from very severe withdrawal symptoms such as tremors, uncontrollable shaking, and seizures which have the potential to be fatal. Because of this, medical intervention is necessary to make withdrawal from alcohol safe. You may have a friend or member of your family you suspect of struggling with alcohol addiction. If this is the case, it is important you know how to spot the warning signs of alcoholism. If you see a combination of the following signs and symptoms, you should consider approaching them or facilitating an intervention.

Some signs of alcoholism include:

  • Money Problems
  • Decline in Personal Hygiene
  • Accidents
  • Drinking Early in the Day
  • Drinking Alone
  • Legal Problems
  • Irritability or Mood Swings
  • Memory Loss

In the event you know someone struggling with alcohol addiction, you should quickly get them into treatment.

Not only does alcoholism affect the person, it has a tremendously negative impact on their family, their friends, their place of work and even the wider community. Alcohol abuse results in emotional, financial, and in worst cases physical damage to those around the alcoholic. Drinking and driving is a common problem with alcoholics and puts those who live near an alcoholic in real danger.

If you have a loved one struggling with addiction, it is vitally important you get them help before something bad happens. Contact us for assistance in getting treatment for your loved one.


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