SULLIVAN: Our shelter in the storm

Published 3:45 pm Tuesday, October 5, 2021

By Candida Sullivan

Are you struggling with addiction, worry, anxiousness, overwhelm, hopelessness, anger, doubt, heartache, etc.? Oh, my sweet friends, there is a better way and life on the other side of all this.

Last week, as I spent my time seeking the Lord and talking to Him about everything, He gave me a little glimpse of this life. I saw Him answer prayers effortlessly for me and give me new perspectives on things.

As the enemy troubled my sleep last night and brought new worries to my mind, I focused my attention on my Lord and His greatness. I fell asleep telling the devil about the greatness and power of my Lord.

The enemy uses these devices to try to draw us away from the Lord. If we turn to other things when we are afraid, sad, angry, heartbroken, hopeless, doubting, then we let something else replace our God. But it doesn’t really. It just leaves us feeling more of those emotions and causes us additional pain. Nothing can replace our relationship with God.

He has everything we need. When we let go of it all and turn to Him, He waits for us with open arms. In His arms, I find peace, love, and joy. Even amid the storms, God can calm me and give me good thoughts.

Oh, how He loves us. God wants us to spend time with Him. He wants to spend time with us. Jesus died to save us and protect us from the enemy. It is such a beautiful gift to put all our troubles at His feet and then watch how He takes the tangled up and troubled problems and fixes them, according to His will.