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Effective 7/13/21

Black Mountain School

Bus 195:  Butchie Clem – 6:55 Jones Creek, Verda, Verda Camp,.     

Bus 436:  Ralph Crider –7:10 Disney, Brittians Creek, Number 2 camp.

Bus 017: Keith Begley -6:30 Holmes Mill to Tom Coal Bridge on Hwy 38. 

Bus 162  TBD –6:55 Cash Saver, Hwy. 38,  Eastbrook, Coxton. 

Bus 016: Everitt Griffith – 7:00 Ages Bottom, Kildav, Bear Ridge Market, Jerry’s Market, Dartmont, River Ridge

School Begins 7:45 a.m., Ends 2:35 p.m.

Evarts Elementary School

Bus 013: Tom Bowers–6:50 Holmes Mill to Closplint.

Bus 134: TBD  –6:50 Closplint to Sav-A-Lot

Bus 043: Zach Nolan–7:00 Huddle House, Eastbrook, Coxton, Depot on Hwy 38,  

Bus 186: Jack White -7:00 Sal’s Branch, Middleton Addition, Evarts City, Redbud, behind High school and Clinic.

Bus 102: Ralph Pryor –  Baileys Creek and Dartmont

Bus 188 : Elmer Wynn– Special needs, Holmes Mill, Evarts, Black Mountain, to High School then Evarts Elementary. 

School Begins 7:45 a.m., Ends 2:35 p.m.

James A. Cawood  Elementary School

Bus 132:  Martha Colinger –6:40 Catrons Creek from Bardo to Oh Brothers Gas Station, Teetersville, Upper Elcomb, Lower Elcomb, Grays Knob, Lenarue, 

Bus 209: Stacy Noe – 6:20 Fourmile Road, Watts Creeks, Lay Hill, Tremont Hill, Fresh Meadows, Dayhoit (White Star), Holiday Trailer Park, UPS, by-pass. 

Bus 192:  Ben Johnson –6:53 Boys and Girls club, Huddle House, Lawnvale, Loyall, Rio Vista, Hwy 413 to Foot of Pine Mountain

Bus 002:  Sabrina Broyles – 6:55 Grays Knob, Lenarue.

Bus 200H: Jason Farmer– Special Needs run to Pansy

School begins 7:50 a.m., Ends 2:50 p.m.

Wallins Elementary School

Bus 152: Boyd Taylor – 7:05 End of 219, Creechs, to School

Bus 071: John Slusher –7:06 Dorcus Jane Lane, Tremont, Coldiron, Jesses Creek

Bus 161: Jeff Roberts–  6:40 Abe Hill, Forrester’s Creek, Jesse’s Creek, Happy Top.  

Bus 181: Jesse Bailey – 6:55 Huddle House, Four Mile Road, Dayhoit Trailer Park, Lay Hill, Dollar Store on Soukey Ridge

Bus 189 : Robert Simpson -6:45 Around the World,  Platts Fork, Grammer Lane, Terry’s Fork.  

Bus 041: Rocky Noe –6:36 Old Loyall RC Plant going toward Baxter, turn right then right onto 840, Lawnvale, Loyall,  Watts Creek, Fresh Meadows, Dayhoit, Tremont Hill, 

Bus 154: Pete Stewart – 6:25 Black Star, Pathfork, Molus  

Bus 171: Chad Woods –7:00 Sawbriar, Billie G. Hollow, Daniels Mountain.

School begins 7:45 a.m., Ends 2:55 p.m.

Cawood Elementary School

Bus 211:  Scott Caldwell – Pansy Loop, Catrons Creek, Brothers Gas Station.  

Bus 172:  Jeff Ramsey – CC Hollow, Garrett Hollow, Cranks Hollow, Old Cranks Road to Shelter House, Old Crummies Mountain to KY-VA Line.

Bus 193: Gary Grubbs:  –6:45 Lenarue, Mary Helen, Bobs Creek, Lower Cawood, Little Creek and Big Creek. 

Bus 202:  Roy Farmer, Jr. – 6:45 Smith, Martins Fork Lake, Three Point, Old Dam Road Junction 3463, Day Branch Hollow to school. 

Bus 151  Teddy Stephens –6:45 Cawood,Nola Street,  Still House branch, Qualls Road, Thompson Branch Road to school. 

School begins 7:45 a.m., Ends 2:45 p.m.

Green Hills Elementary

Bus 176: Shelia Henslely –6:30 Bigelow Road, Hwy. 421 to Al’s Cash and Carry, Ruben’s Branch to back to Green Hills School to unload high school students, Back to Bigelow Road then to school. 

Bus 173: Cindy Messer –6:30 Hwy. 2008 to Leslie county line, Big Laurel, Isaac’s Creek, Hwy. 510, Hwy. 221, Hwy 421 to school.

Bus 130:  TBD –6:50 Straight Creek to Tacky Town, 221 West to school. 

Bus 177: 6:30 Bruce Farley – Pine Mountain, Little Shepherd Trail, Green Hills School to drop off High School, 421 to 221 

School begins 7:45 a.m., Ends 2:45 p.m.

Rosspoint Elementary School

Bus 074: 6:55 John Lewis –Hwy. 119, Low Water Bridge to Putney Crossing to Nolansburg, then on Hwy. 522,  Nolansburg to Putney Crossing.  

Bus 194:  Jeff Wilson – 6:50  Hwy. 119 to Putney Crossing, Hwy. 522 to Rosspoint Elementary School. 

Bus 163: Needham Saylor – 7:00 Church parking lot beside Dayhoit Bridge, Rio Vista, Loyall Post Office, Old Loyall to Rosspoint on 413.

Bus 170H: John Simpson – 7:15 Special Needs from Teetersville to Rosspoint School  

School Begins 7:50 a.m.  Ends 2:40 p.m.

Cumberland Elementary School

Bus 203: Donald Massey–6:40 Hwy 522 to Top of mountain on Sand Hill to West Main and East Cumberland to Elementary. 

Bus 206: Walt Ravizee – 6:50 Benham, Lynch, Golf Course Road to CES. 

Bus 001:  Heather Hall  –6:27 Colliers Creek to old Hwy. 119, Blair, Mastin Dr., Springfield.   

Bus 012: TBD – 6:36South Cumberland (Koal Town Area) U.S. 119, Hiram straight, 119 to Putney, Hwy. 2010 to Hwy. 522 to CES.

Bus 164: David Fields  –6:50 Benham, Lynch, Russel Drive, Brown Street to Elementary to CES.

Bus 023: Wes Bailey –6:40  Cloverlick, Housing Projects, Old Middle School, New York Section to CES.

Bus 160:  Jon Fields –Special Needs to CES  

School begins 7:45 a.m., Ends 2:35 p.m.


Cumberland area to Harlan County High School

Bus 153:- Jerry Edwards- 6:50  Lynch, East Benham to HS. 

Bus 180:- Bill Scott – 6:54 Letcher Co. line to Springfield, Chrisman Manor, West Main Street, back street to Hwy 119 to Nolansburg Loop  to HS. 

Bus 207 –  Von Edwards:  –6:40 Main St., Field Street, Pride Terrace, New York Section, Sand Hill Bottom, Sand Hill Mt., Hwy. 522 to Hwy 413 (old road) to HS. 

Bus 208 –  Kevin Houser – 6:50 Clutts,  Russell Drive, East Main Cumberland, Downtown Cumberland, Cloverlick  to HCHS..

Cloverfork  area to Harlan County High  School

Bus 185:  Don White –6:50 Eastbrook, Coxton, Brookside, Ages Bottom, Hwy 38 to Harlan, Fairview.  

Bus 182:  Denver Turner -6:35 Disney to Baileys Creel. Dartmont. 

Bus 210:  Robert Evans –Black Mountain to Old Evarts High School, Evarts City, Kildav,  Jones Creek, Verda.  

Bus 162: – Rebecca Bennett – Holmes Mill to Colts on KY 38

Harlan area to Harlan County High  School

Bus 190: LeAnn Nantz  – 6:20 Hwy. 2008 to Leslie Co. line, Hwy. 510, Hwy. 221, Hwy. 421 Pine Mountain

Bus 174:  Tina Farley –6:40  Tacky Town, Bell County Line, Green Hills School, Little Shepherd Trail (transfer with Small Bus)..

Bus 150: Dennis Daniels –Ky 987 from Smith to Cawood 

Bus 045:  George Ledford – 6:08 Va, Line, Cranks, Crummies Mountain, Little Creek, Big Creek, Cawood

Bus 191 :  TBD – 6:30 Pathfork, Molus Hollow,l stops on Hwy. 119 (includes Billy G Hollow, Sookey Ridge). 

Bus 063:- Jacob Saylor  – 6:20  Coldiron, Forrester’s Creek, Happy Top, Terry’s Fork,Wallins Fire Station, Old Loyall 

Bus 011 – D. J. Boggs – 6:37  Creechs through Wallins on 219, Sawbriar, 119  

Bus 122:  TBD –6:40  Lawnvale, Loyall, Rio Vista, Watts Creek, Tremont, Dayhoit, Fresh Meadows, Holiday Trailer Park on old 119..

Bus 187:  Loren Pate – 6:45 Pansy, Bardo, Mary Alice Camp, Dressen, Beach Grove Lane, Mary Alice, Hwy. 2425, Teetersville, Elcomb 

Bus 131: Jon Reynolds –6:35 Car Wash across from Hospital, Bobs Creek, Lenarue, Grays Knob, CVS, Cashsaver

Bus 175H:  Steve Daniel:–6:30 (Spec. Needs)

Bus 201:  Donald Smith  – Letcher County line to High School  (Spec. Needs)


School Begins 8:00 a.m.      Ends 2:45 p.m.