What Should You Do After Being Involved in a Seattle Car Accident?

Published 7:12 am Friday, April 2, 2021

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A car wreck can take place anytime, usually when you least expect it. It is pretty devastating as it leaves you with damages, injuries, and psychological suffering. Car accidents are confusing events as, in addition to trying to figure out your rights under other insurance agreements, you’re running from one doctor to the other to treat your injuries. 

Even if these are fender benders, car accidents are some of the most unfortunate events of life. The global pandemic has put the entire world to rest, but even during that time, a smartphone-based app provider says that 16% of accidents took place due to distractions while driving. 

And, since people are working from home, they’ve been taking up Zoom meetings while driving, and the result is pretty obvious- a car accident. 

What should be the after-maths of a car accident?

Now that you’re involved in an accident or fear of a car accident, you believe preparation is the key.  It is because it will help you protect your ability to make an effective auto insurance claim against the driver- at fault. It will also prepare you in case the accused driver tries to blame you for the devastating accident. 

Can’t wait to know what steps should you take in this stressful situation? Wondering if you’ll be able to deal with the injuries, first responders, insurance companies, and other drives? Well, this informative guide is undoubtedly your way out:

  • Secure pets, elders, disabled, and kids:

It is easy to get distracted after being involved in a car accident and commit mistakes, which you’d never want for your pets and loved ones. It is because neglecting these might lead to additional injuries. 

Even if you feel that it is a minor collision, never consider leaving the beloved in the locked, heated-up car. Check if anyone needs an ambulance. Also, never ignore the passengers of the other vehicle while being too engrossed in your own misery. Check if they need any emergency medical services. If you’re hurt, ask somebody else to make a call for you. After all, medical assistance should be the first thing on your mind. 

Now that you and your vehicle are in a safe place check if anyone has suffered any injuries. Call the ambulance and rescue team if anyone suffers even minor harm from the accident. If you’re unaware of your location details, get someone to give you the accident location. 

  • Gather Necessary Evidence and Exchange Requisite Information:

If you haven’t suffered any injuries, ensure getting out of the car and take as many pictures of the scene as you can. Be sure to talk to any of the car accident witnesses to get their side of the story and write down as many points as possible. Share your contact details and insurance information like policy number and insurance provider from other parties involved in the car crash, including the passengers.  

Doing so will help you make your case strong. These people can serve as eyewitnesses when you’re representing yourself ahead of the jury in the court of law. Also, never be angry or upset. Just stay calm and never apologize or accept the blame. Keep your composure and gather all the information you can, and leave the rest of the job on the police. 

  • Never Make Any Deals:

Law experts suggest that you shouldn’t make any deals with other drivers for accepting or paying cash for the accident. Many people indulge in such dealings instead of filing an insurance claim. Never let the other driver offer you significant claims or sums when they have auto insurance. 

Making a handshake deal with cash on the accident scene is most likely to expose you to significant expenses down the line, making your winning almost negligible. 

  • Get in Touch with an Experienced Lawyer

The car settlement process may seem pretty convenient and straightforward to you, but know that there are snags most often. The cases slow down by disputes about the car accident injury severity. Also, the insurers make low offers initially, with the hope of making the injured client accept these out of desperation. 

  • Protect your Rights When Talking to the Insurers:

The law attorneys emphasize never giving a statement when involved in discussions with the insurance company. Never provide a statement to the company until you have an attorney on your side. 

It is because the insurance company obstructs your recovery if you make a wrong statement. Thus, an attorney will help you generate the full claim and protect your rights while taking the best steps to preserve your car accident insurance claim. 

The Bottom Line

Nobody wants to get involved in an accident, but taking timely actions and preparing well ahead of time can help you attain a sigh of relief. Ensure having a trusted lawyer by your side so that you can obtain favorable settlements and negotiate with the insurance company in the best manner. 

Choose a Seattle Car Accident Attorney for attaining the justice you deserve.