Backyard Goals: 5 Fruit Trees You Can Plant At Home

Published 9:02 am Monday, March 15, 2021

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Fruits are primary sources of vitamins and minerals that help the body get strong to fight harmful external organisms. Also, it has fiber that helps with the flow of bowel movements for healthier bowel health. Now, imagine having the whole tree at home!

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Additionally, growing your own fruit trees has benefits and advantages that are going to be significantly beneficial to your life. If you are worried about caring for your fruit tree, do not worry! 

The difficulty of planting and caring for plant trees will depend on what type of plant you are planning to cultivate. You just have to make sure that the fruit tree that you will be planting adapted to your climate. Here are some of the best fruit trees that you can plant at home.


Cherry is popular because of its tasty fruit and beautiful tree during springtime. This plant is recognized for its large and upright height with shiny green leaves that turn yellow with a red hint. Its fruit, the cherry, is a 2 cm heart-shaped fruit and its color varies from yellow to red to almost in the shade of black.

If you love cherries, you need to know that you can grow your own cherries in your garden. Please note that cherry trees are vulnerable to root rot, so that they will require well-drained, fertile soil and up to eight hours of sunlight every day. Also, do not plant them on low-lying land since these areas tend to get cold during early spring. Too much cold can cause frost damage to the plant.


Apples are some of the best fruit trees to have around. However, they’re hard to grow. It is essential to keep in mind that apple trees require more care and are susceptible to catching pests and diseases. However, do not be disheartened! 

You can research all the information that you need to know in growing apple trees as a guide in planting your very own apple plant. If you get past all those, you’ll be rewarded with a fully grown apple tree with fresh, sweet apples.


One of the best fruit trees to grow is the pawpaw tree. The pawpaw fruit is one of the largest indigenous fruits in the US. The tree’s fruits look similar to a large unripe mango. Upon opening a ripe fruit, you can see two rows of up to 8 or more seeds. The fruit tastes custardy, similar to that of a banana, a mango, or a pineapple. 

Most people eat the fruit raw, however, these fruits are perfect ingredients for ice cream and other desserts. Although you can grow fruits on the tree, it is entirely optional. Even if you don’t grow fruits, the trees can become a good backyard piece because of its yellow leaves during fall. It also has very visible maroon flowers during spring. 

The pawpaw tree is easy to grow and is quite common throughout the country. Do be careful when planting a pawpaw tree in your backyard. It’s bark is known to be toxic when ingested. 


Peach trees have the perfect size for backyard gardening. Its fruit has a varying texture of smooth and velvety with yellow or whitish flesh. The moment its fruits ripen, you will be surrounded by its sweetness. Growing a peach fruit tree is not difficult!

Peaches prefer average temperatures with at least six hours exposed to the sun per day and good airflow. In caring for peach trees, you must keep the ground free from the grass because it will rival the plant with the soil’s moisture. Experts recommended planting your peach tree during early spring or late winter to adjust to the cold winter environment.


The melon, a symbol of fertility and vitality, is a fruit that is especially popular during scorching summer days. This fruit has a delightful aroma and flavor that cools people down. It weighs around f50 grams to 15 kilograms with colors that vary from orange, green, white, and pink. The best thing about melon is that it is a rich source of Vitamin C!

On the other hand, you should plant melons in hot and sunny locations with well-drained soils. This plant will require you lots of water to produce flowers. Though do not worry because, above all else, it is easy to take care of melons. Spring is the best time to plant this fruit.


Planting is an effective way to lower your anxiety and boost your mood. You can also make it your hobby. So, what is the best way to enjoy your hobby other than harvesting something out of it? Planting fruit trees is like hitting two birds in one stone because you will get to enjoy tending your favorite fruit and, at the same time, literally, harvest the fruit. Undoubtedly, its fruit will taste a hundred times better than when you buy it on the market.