Local gives back to frontline workers with ‘Blessing Bags’

Since the start of the pandemic in Harlan County, Ashley Cozart-Brassfield said the Lord had laid it upon her heart to give back and show appreciation for frontline workers while the coronavirus continued to spread.

“Through my small business venture with Plunder, doors were opened and made way for this to be possible. However, it could’ve never been carried through without the prayers and donations of my family, friends, acquaintances and even strangers,” she said.

Through the COVID-19 pandemic, Brassfield said ER nurses have been exposed daily to the virus, risking their own health and even lives to ensure the wellbeing of others throughout Harlan County.

With the help of several donors and sponsors, like With Love from Harlan’s Leslie Bledsoe, Taeylor Cartier and other anonymous helpers, Brassfield pulled together 32 of what she described as “Blessing Bags” that were delivered to local ER staff at Harlan ARH Hospital.

“There were bags to accommodate both the male and female staff members. These bags contained either a pair of Plunder stud earrings or individually personalized keychains, a prayer cloth and a handwritten card thanking them for their work and expressing gratitude and their deserved appreciation,” she said.

The bags were given to ER nurse manager Rodrick Major, who later distributed them among the staff.

Brassfield said personal gain or recognition mean nothing to her, but the act of giving thanks for those working hard for her hometown is fulfilling.

“It is not for publicity or to boast; rather, to show those that contributed what they made possible. To everyone that contributed in some form or fashion, thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Brassfield said her goal is to expand on her Blessing Bags and to include others, such as floor staff, health department employees and local clinics, with the help of future donors and sponsors.

“Please be on the lookout for this endeavor and think of contributing,” she said.

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