Black Bears lose to Redhounds in 13th Region Championship

The Corbin Redhounds shut down Harlan County High School’s Black Bears 10-0 in Monday’s 13th Region Championship game.

Harlan County’s win-loss record now stands at 21-32, with 5-6-1 for the season, 4-4-1 for the region and 4-2-0 for district. The Redhounds, with a 87-11 win-loss reported, show 10-1-3 for the season, as well as 6-0-0 for region and 5-0-0 for district.

Thursday was also no ordinary day for soccer fans in Harlan County, as the Black Bears boys and girls soccer teams battled against opposing schools for the 50th District Tournament title at JACES field.

Taking home the title for the boys, the Knox Central Panthers defeated the Harlan County team in a 2-0 shutdown, with both Steven Reeds and Tim Jones bringing home a goal at the finals. Some assists were also made by Jason Payne and Hunter Campbell, as goalkeeper Jacob Merida prevented three nets.

In the Lady Bears head-to-head with Middlesboro’s Lady Jackets, Madison Irvin was the only one to make the kick against Harlan County. Jordyn Ferguson and Haley Moyers also contributed to the title for the Lady Jackets, with Ferguson only letting by two goals compared to her nine saves as goalkeeper.

The Lady Jackets took home the title for the girls team after a 1-0 win on penalty kicks against Harlan County and another 3-2 win over Knox Central during the tournament.

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