COVID-19 guidelines for HCHS football home games

Published 5:06 pm Monday, September 14, 2020

COVID-19 Guidelines for Harlan County High School Football Home Games

  1. Stadium capacity: Coal Miners’ Memorial Stadium total capacity is 6,000 people
    1. Game 1 vs. Wayne County: 30 percent capacity (1,800 ticket max)
    2. Game 2 vs. Clay County: 40 percent capacity (2,400 ticket max)
    3. Game 3 and beyond: 50 percent capacity (3,00 ticket max)
  2. Individual health screening for fans
    1. Upon arrival, fans will have their temperatures checked and will fill out an Individual Health Assessment Form with contact information for everyone in attendance before being allowed to buy a ticket. Fans who are cleared will have a sticker to be placed on the outside of their clothing, letting ticket staff know that they have been cleared. These requirements will be well documented and published to both the public (via social media and various media outlets), as well as to the visiting team’s administration, coaches and fans.
    2. Signage will be placed at all entrances to the HCHS campus informing fans of all Harlan County Public Schools COVID-19 policies/procedures.
  3. Health safety measures
    1. All fans must wear a mask/facial covering at Coal Miners’ Memorial Stadium and while on the HCHS campus.
    2. Fans must also wear a mask/facial covering while in motion throughout the stadium (restrooms, concession stands, walking, etc.)
    3. Social distancing: Fans who are not immediate family must maintain the socially acceptable distance of six feet (6 ft.) while sitting in the stands. This message will be reiterated throughout the evening via the public announcer, as well as the jumbotron.
    4. Hand sanitization: Hand sanitizing stations will be placed at all entry ramps/stairs into the stands. A specifically designated custodian will be present and constantly sanitizing high contact areas such as handrails, bathroom door knobs and more throughout the contest.
    5. Restrooms: Fans will be asked to socially distance in the restroom facilities/concourse. Stickers and signage will be placed both outside and inside the restroom facilities.
    6. Concessions: Concession items will be pre-packaged only. Examples include bags of chips, bottled drinks, candy bars, etc. A concession tent will be set up for the visiting team near their bleacher area to assist with keeping social distancing measures. No hamburgers or hot dogs will be permitted for sale.
    7. Concession workers: Workers will wear masks, gloves and face shields (at their discretion) while serving food/drinks at Coal Miners’ Memorial Stadium.
  4. Ticket vouchers
    1. All HCHS football student-athletes (players and cheerleaders) and HCHS football coaches will be given six (6) vouchers for every home game. This voucher simply guarantees ticket availability. It is not a pass to gain free admission.
    2. All visiting team football student-athletes (players and cheerleaders) and coaches will be given two (2) vouchers for the contest to be distributed at their discretion.
  5. VIP parking
    1. VIP parking passes (across the bridge) will go on sale the Monday prior to a home football contest (i.e. Wayne Co. game on Sept. 18 will go on sale Monday, Sept. 14 from noon to 3 p.m. each day)
    2. Pre-sale tickets: All tickets will be $5 each. Pre-sale will be from Monday through Thursday the week of home games from noon to 3 p.m.

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