Teen helps residents overcome isolation

The Harlan Health and Rehabilitation Center’s residents have been in isolation for over three months, with no visit allowed by their friends and family members due to the risk of exposure to COVID-19. As part of his 2020 Rogers Scholar project, Breydy Daniels devised a plan to build a visitation booth and reunite families in Harlan County.

A generous donation from the local non-profit organization With Love from Harlan helped make the visiting booth possible. Daniels and his father designed and built a plexiglass visiting booth for the facility.

It was delivered to Harlan Health and Rehabilitation Center in June and has been in use daily.  The residents, their families and the community said they are happy to be together again.

Gail Hensley, administrator of Harlan Health and Rehabilitation Center said “this was much needed and has allowed a way for families and residents to visit safely.  This has made everyone involved very happy and has improved the quality of life for our residents.  Just observing the residents and their families’ reactions during the initial visits, after these past several months has been very touching and emotional for our staff as well.”

“Having a loved one in a long-term care facility made me aware of what the residents and their family were going through,” Daniels said. “ I was happy to be a part of something that reunites so many families.”

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