THE LOYALIST: Any day now this will all be over

Published 5:20 pm Thursday, April 30, 2020

By Clark Bailey
The Loyalist

Any day now this will all be over. I keep telling myself that anyway. Every single day I do. I’m beginning to doubt my positivity.

I’m beginning to doubt it because it seems some people want this to drag on, possibly forever.

At first, I was like anyone else. Eager to hear what was going on and terribly concerned. It’s not like I have ceased to be curious and concerned, perhaps even more so, but I have had to turn off almost any coverage of COVID-19. The daily press conferences took on the air of campaign stumping and liking to hear onesself talk. I also grew tired of being talked to like I was a toddler. Yes, I am referring to Andy Beshear.

At the start of this pandemic and the government response to it, I spoke well of the governor and what he was trying to do. It did not take long for that to dissipate. It became tiresome to hear concern for all life from someone who considers abortions essential activity. Essential perhaps for Planned Parenthood.  Not essential for the children that die because of it.

Now, I’m sure there’s people reading who are fuming by now. I’m sure that some of you are about to blow a gasket. You’re probably going on about how pro-life means more than making sure babies are born. Well you’re right. Being pro-life is cradle to the grave, well,  conception to the grave. And if you’re a Christian, even beyond the grave.

Of course pro-life means caring for the lederly, It means caring for toddlers, and children on up. It means caring for your neighbor. It means following the Golden Rule. It means feeding the hungry, caring for the sick, sheltering the homeless, even visitng those in jail.  It means all of that and more. No one ever claimed different. It’s one reason the left wing critique of pro-life, “caring only for fetuses” rings as hollows as most everything else from the left.

Sorry for that, but, now back to what I was saying.

Any day now we’re going to have to return to normal. Not some “new normal”, whatever Orwellian nonsense that is supposed to mean. But normal. I’m not saying it needs to return tomorrow. Not saying next week. It has to retrun though.

Sure we need to be cautious. Sure there needs to be safety measures and precautions. Nursing homes and assited living should probably remain on lockdown for a while longer. Schools should hold off for a bit too. Those most at risk should self quarantine longer as well.  Hey, even the silliness of requiring a mask two months into a pandemic can be looked at. Precautions sure, we need those. We also need to ease back into normalcy, as much as we can.

We also can’t hold off transitioning back into normal until there is a vaccine. It also doesn’t require wearing a tin foil hat to mistrust those pushing for vaccine who believe he world is overpopulated. I’m sure some of you reading probably think so, but you also believe Trump is literally Hitler. So, forgive me if I don’t give much credence to your ramblings.

Now, I also take issue with those who are ready to reopen with no precautions. Though they may be few, and certainly much, much fewer than those who are clammoring to lick boots, they do exist. I have seen people suggest to let the chips fall where they may and let the strong survive.

First off, I detest Darwinism. The stronger exist to care for and protect those weaker. That is what a Christian society should promote. I say that because some suggesting such Darwinian measures claim Jesus Christ as their savior. While I wholeheartedly support moving forward. I don’t suggest in any way that we shoudl sacrafice people or be reckless to do so. As I alluded to earlier, that would not be pro-life.

There are a couple of things that I do not want to return to normal as we move forward though, and I will elaborate more fully in future columns. One, is that we should completely restructure of borders, ports, travel and immigration procedures. Two, we should completely revamp manufacturing in this country. We cannot depend on China or any other country for that matter, going forward.

I stated back when all this started that we were going to get through this, together. I still stand by that. I always will. Sure, things are getting messier. Tensions are higher. Rumblings and arguments haven’t ceased, and they won’t. We’re not going to stop being human. We will get through this though. We will get through it together.

I want to, before I close, thank those on the front lines. The doctors, nurses, police, fire EMS, dispatch, Health department, and so on. I also want to thank and pray for them and all our elected and appoitned leaders. They need it. No, I’m not approving of everying or suggesting boot licking. I am saying we are called to pray for our leaders, and one thing we can use more of and could stand to do more of, is pray.

God bless you all, prayers this is a good week and that come this time next week things are better and a little closer to the old normal.