Continue the fight to protect our rights

Published 11:50 pm Tuesday, January 28, 2020

A large and very peaceful rally unfolded last Monday (Jan. 20) on and around the capitol grounds in Richmond, Virginia. At least 20,000 well-armed citizens from the great commonwealth and surrounding states showed up to protest the bevy of draconian laws proposed by the legislature and the blistering tyrant Ralph Northam.

These patriots, carrying almost every form of firearms made available to the public, paraded around Richmond without incident and afterward made sure they left the town as they found it. One could almost feel the heartbreak and sadness from the MSM as there was no violence, no “white supremacy,” and no one was hurt or killed. The rally proved (once again) that the radical left, their media allies, and the politicians that do their bidding were beyond erroneous in their predictions.

Our fight against the forces who wish to curtail or strip us of our rights is far from over as successful as the march was though. It did nothing to stop Northam and his allies from proposing and even passing more asinine laws that are only tasked to deal with those who are not the problem when it comes to guns. It is almost as if the lefts rallying cry of “common-sense gun laws” are completely devoid of any common sense.

The impeachment farce has moved on to the senate and, once again, we’ve been subjected to incoherent and illogical meanderings of congressional Democrats, whose only truthful reason for wanting to impeach President Trump is they fear none of their candidates can beat him. History will one day (hopeful) judge these corrupt sycophants and their allies accordingly. And judging them accordingly would be to judge them as tyrants and traitors — traitors, the lot of them, and those who blindly and stupidly support them.

President Trump became the first sitting president to attend The March for Life rally this past weekend. The president gave a rousing speech at the National Mall to a crowd of tens of thousands. Trump even singled out Governor Ralphie of Virginia and his strong support of abortion. This shows that Northam strongly opposes people having the right to defend themselves, and especially for defending children in the womb.

It was great to see the 26th annual March for Life to be successful. It was great to see the first sitting president to speak live to the crowd. It was wonderful to see CNN pay for Nick Sandman’s trip back to the march. We must make greater strides in standing for life in the ballot box and in the legislatures. Kentucky’s last gubernatorial election has crowned a governor who gleefully supports abortion and ushered in new support for despicable groups like Planned Parenthood. We must always remember the words of former President Obama in this instance; elections have consequences.


The corona virus outbreak in China now has a scare developing across the world. As the CDC has confirmed the fifth case of the corona virus here in the United States I fear the panic may not be too far behind. The outbreak and the ease of which has seemed to spread has sparked new debate about the ease of travel and open borders. News reports claim at least 56 have died in China from the disease though with the way information is dissipated there we really have no way of knowing how many have died.

Hopefully, this outbreak doesn’t live up to the hype and the fallout is minimal all over the world. Many officials are beginning to prep for this to become a pandemic. As I said, I pray not. Hopefully, this will cause people to think about who is admitted where and how and the criteria of how we allow and admit people into our nation.

Three rockets struck the U.S. embassy in Baghdad, Iraq yesterday (Jan. 26), and according to reports at least one person was injured. Another testament to fragile “peace” in that country and the fragility of life in what is essentially a combat zone.

I’m far from a war hawk (though I’m definitely not a dove), and I have no desire or intention to see thousands more young men and women shipped off to the desert to die in another Middle Eastern war that accomplishes little to nothing. I’m against toppling tyrannical dictators only to replace them with hundreds of warlords and constant chaos. That being said, I hope and pray and so far actually trust President Trump to command a measured response.


This past Sunday, basketball legend and arguably on the greatest basketball players ever, Kobe Bryant, along with his daughter and several other people, passed away resulting from a helicopter crash. Bryant, 41 at the time of his death, was on the way to coach his 13-year-old daughter Gianna who also perished in the crash. Bryant no doubt started out that fateful day like any other, most likely not thinking of his mortality. Just like most of the rest of us.

Bryant, who no doubt flew regularly and had no inkling it would be his final flight, gives a lesson to us all. Life, is fleeting. The hours and the seconds count away every single day on what is our internal/eternal clock, ticking down to the day we leave this plane of existence. Amidst our busy and hectic lives we often lose sight of this. We begin to forget the importance and sacredness of life.

As Bryant’s death points out, we can pass at any time. We know not the time or the appointed hour. We should take time to reflect on that and our mortality. Those who claim Jesus as their savior, myself included, should take more time to live our lives (while we have them to live) and greater reflect Him.

We should also endeavor to protect the rights that protect life. Those who rallied to support their 2nd Amendment rights realize how important this is. Those who braved cold temperatures and counter-protestors to speak up for the unborn understand this. On some level, no matter how apolitical or disengaged someone is, we all understand this.

So enjoy this week, and all the days after. Savor the moments. Take a moment to be kind to someone. Take a moment to allow someone to be kind to you. Hug those you love a little tighter. Forgive someone who hasn’t done anything to deserve it. And most especially, endeavor to stand for life, and do what you can to protect it and the rights that make that possible.