Harlan County Bicentennial Festival begins Thursday

Published 4:08 pm Friday, October 4, 2019

On behalf of downtown Harlan, we welcome you to the Harlan County Bicentennial Festival.

As you gather at the Harlan Center for the celebration, you are surrounded by local history. From the land Samuel Howard first settled to the site of the original Harlan County Courthouse, downtown Harlan was and is the center of legendary events.

While our downtown has certainly changed over the last 200 years, the spirit of the people who live, work and visit there is the same. We remain a strong people who take care of our neighbors and overcome obstacles with hard work and resourcefulness.

As you visit us in downtown this weekend, you will see present day evidence of these characteristics we inherited. You will see a place that has struggled through difficult times but is improving each day. You will see enthusiastic new property owners who are transforming their buildings. You will see businesses with long histories of customer service as well as exciting new businesses. You will also notice additions to the downtown area like the newly constructed Harlan County Bicentennial Stage, as well as two new murals completed this summer.

Downtown Harlan is home to festivals and events throughout the year and is ready to welcome visitors and locals at this once in a lifetime birthday bash for the county.

We hope you enjoy the activities and entertainment the Harlan County Bicentennial Festival offers and we also hope you’ll make time to explore downtown Harlan and support the businesses located here.

Celebrate 200 years of Harlan County history and get a glimpse of the future of Harlan County.