Smok’n Joe’s Express grand opening set

Published 12:30 pm Friday, September 20, 2019

Emily Perkins | Harlan Enterprise

Final preparations were taking place at Smok’n Joe’s Express on Thursday with a new sign being placed on the front of the building. The store, along with a new Little Caesar’s, will be having a grand opening on Sept. 24 to welcome both new and returning customers. Smok’n Joe’s Express is one of the locally-owned businesses in Harlan operated by Scott Parsons and his family, in addition to Don’s Super Saver and Don’s Express Car Wash. Parsons and his staff said they look forward to welcoming back the people they haven’t seen in about a year since Smok’n Joe’s first moved locations in order for the new store’s construction to begin. For more information, call 606-573-1894.

By Emily Perkins