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Art work spreads positive message at Cawood

The middle school girls’ restroom at Cawood Elementary School looks a little different this year. Actually, the restroom is a lot different with colorful paintings, quotes and inspirational messages.

Teacher Casey Fletcher and instructional assistant Penny Stewart took charge of the restroom project, painting stalls and the walls.

Principal Melinda Sergent said the idea began last year with the school’s implementation of a positive relationship program put in place to foster friendship and kindness and to curtail bullying. The program has specifically targeted the sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade students.

“We want to promote positives and not negatives,” said Sergent.

Sergent said the feedback from the female students shows they really like it.

“The girls love it,” she said. “We are hoping to do something in the boys’ restroom, possibly during Christmas break.”

Last September, the school began girls nights and boys nights once a month to help build camaraderie among the students. Sergent said the program is working and she personally has witnessed a tremendous difference in morale and behavior.