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‘Coal Run’ planned by HCHS teams

The coal miners in this county give our community such a sense of pride. They roll their sleeves up, grab their dinner buckets and head into the deep, dark hills to mine coal while working between two rocks. Harlan County is full of many hard-working professionals spread across different fields not just the coal mines. However, due to recent occurrences our coal families right here in Harlan County have been directly impacted.

The Harlan County football program feels that we should step up and provide assistance to the men, women and children that have given our county a “face” for so many years. The Harlan County cross country team has joined the cause and will also join in running the course, which will be designed by HCHS coach Ryan Vitatoe.

On July 22, we will be having a “Coal Run” on the campus of Harlan County High School starting at 6 p.m. to help the miners. We will have a course marked off for the run. Our HCHS football players will be running the course and we are inviting the public to come join us.

Each player needs a sponsor for $20. Please seek out an HCHS player and sponsor these young men.

All participants’ entry fee is $20. Each participant will sign a release form prior to being permitted to run. The HCHS staff and HCHS boosters will have tents set up along the course with drinks and ice towels. Each paticipant will finish by running through the HCHS blow-up helmet.

We would like to invite all coal miners and their families to be present and root on these runners. We will be giving out a few shirts and HC gear as door prizes

We will be going on Facebook “live” during this event in hopes people outside of Harlan County will also donate.