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Walmart voters won’t be deterred

By Clark Bailey

The Loyalist

“Just went in to a southern Virginia Walmart. You can smell the Trump support.”

This text by FBI agent Peter Strzok and subsequent comments about hillbillies supporting Trump were revealed during the course of the Russia gate collusion hoax election tampering fiasco that masqueraded as a legitimate investigation. I would like to say the level of hatred and disdain, not only for Donald Trump but even more so for his supporters, was surprising. If I did so, I would be lying. If lying was sufficient enough a term to describe deception (or ignorance) on that level.

During the 2016 campaign, Hillary Clinton referred to supporters of candidate Trump as a basket of deplorables. A term intended to one of derision and divisive which became a term of endearment among those supporting the future president. This level of hatred and divisiveness wasn’t limited to left leaning neo-Marxist presidential candidates like Hillary. Nor was it relegated only to former presidents like Barack Obama. Journalists in the legacy media also joined in the fray and have continued to reap copious amounts of verbal raw sewage on rural voters in general and working class white people specifically. A quick search on the internet will bring up a plethora of articles dealing with the dangers and the downsides of trying to communicate with a Trump supporter. If you’re brave enough to read one of the pieces you’ll find tropes, stereotypes and outright fiction, and all of it negative, heaped on Trump supporters, especially those in rural America, and even more specific white working class Americans. This is not a phenomenon of the left only. One can look back to hit pieces by the Trotskyites at the Weekly Standard, who haven’t had a decent contributor since Tucker Carlson left the magazine close to 20 years ago. Or neoconservative elitist like Kevin Williamson who, writing for the National Review at the time, more than once challenged people to become rootless cosmopolitans, or just simply die. Mr. Williamson, who has had to change places of employment a few times since his infamous articles during the 2016 campaign, is yet to receive a tweet from me advising him to learn to code. Or for him to move.

The marriage between many small town rural folks to their towns, farms, land, etc…is something that the largely urban crowd of the legacy media and neoconservative think tanks struggle to understand. Their inability to understand comes through as hatred, real and possibly imagined, and disdain for working class rural folk. The ties to land, tradition, religion, and family are something that a mobile cosmopolitan population just do not value as much. While the people of John Mellencamp’s Small Towns, where you wed your sweetheart and learn to fear Jesus, do. A rampant, invasive, Godless consumer culture is lauded and praised by the left, where the Bugman is guided by his “edgy” cohorts to worship corporate entities with monetary sacrifice. Those often referred to as the right, do so as well in their worship of the so-called free market. The acceptance of this psychosis creates a huge stumbling block to the understanding of a life outside of the corporate Matrix, if not diametrically opposed to it. The failures to understand, or actually to even meaningfully try to understand, let alone the open hatred and disdain do not deter the Walmart voter. The comments about smell, or intellectual capacity, terms like hillbilly or deplorable, which meant to cause revulsion and animosity only strengthen and embolden the small town voter. And the more the left doubles down the more the Walmart voters resolve becomes. This coupled with the #walkaway and Blexit movement spells big trouble for Democrats now and especially in the future.