President much too patient with Mexico

Published 11:50 pm Tuesday, April 9, 2019

The great avocado war resulted in no casualties as it began and ended rather recently without much of a bang. President Trump walked back his threat to close our southern border immediately and gave Mexico a year to clean up its act or face the threat of closure then. I am hoping that the president rethinks his decision to more gracious than Mexico deserves in regards to illegal immigration. Though as of press time the Mexican government is making baby steps in regards to securing the border and stopping illegal crossings, there’s still a world of work to be done.


Creepy Joe Biden has come under fire of late for his “touchy feely” method of campaigning. Allegations have surfaced from fellow Democrats who claim the former vice president made many uninvited advances towards females, including unwanted touching.

Now, this is nothing new to anyone who has had access to YouTube and the countless numbers of video evidence of Joe Biden touching females, sniffing their hair and making if not incredibly creepy comments then ones that were wholly inappropriate. At the time I am writing this column, it seems that new allegations surface every day. Whether or not this will derail the Biden campaign, we’ll have to wait and see. But in the aftermath of #Metoo, this would seem to seriously harm any serious aspirations he has for the office of President of the United States.


IIhan Omar, a freshman congresswoman from Minnesota’s 5th District, recently opined that she felt attacked every day in Trump’s America. My first reaction was to say she should return to Somalia and see if she feels any different. And as I ruminate more on it that is also probably my second thought. Seriously though, Representative Omar is guaranteed her right of free speech just as I am. She’s not, however, entitled to get away with muddying the waters with false equivocations.

Omar, and her ilk, are guilty, along with Jussie Smollett, of ramping on division and strife in this country without offering any real solutions to problems. I’m sure that there are people on the right guilty of this as well. In fact, people accuse President Trump of being such a person, though truth be told, Trump is not the cause of division in this country. His election is the result of it.


Covington Catholic student Nicholas Sandman has filed multi-million-dollar lawsuits against CNN and the Washington Post for their alleged roles in the defamation of his character. Any casual observer can attest to the national media playing a role in amping up the fervor associated with this, what turned out to be, another hoax, among the many that cast aspersions on President Trump and his supporters. Here’s hoping that this case causes all to pause when spreading a narrative that may or may not be true and consider the ramifications it has for people, true or not.


It’s been some weeks since the tragic shooting at Christ Church, NZ, when a gunman intent on causing suffering and political upheaval slaughtered 49 people during their worship services. Since this incident, much of what the shooter called for in his manifesto is coming to play or being put into play by well-meaning but seriously misguided leaders. New Zealand’s prime minister has been lauded for her leadership by many for what has seemed to me to be nothing more than capitulation, both to the shooter and his goals, and to the Islamic leadership in New Zealand.

We should take every reasonable measure to protect people in our countries, including religious minorities that we may not agree with. With that being said, we should not capitulate to their demands and change our cultures and traditions to placate false and unwarranted criticisms.

While I oppose many of the policy changes going on in that nation, let us all offer our prayers for healing in the country and to the adherents of the two mosques targeted.