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Local roads scheduled for maintenance

A number of roads in Harlan County are scheduled for maintenance over the course of the coming year.

During a Harlan County Fiscal Court meeting held on March 19, Harlan County Judge-Executive Dan Mosley and magistrates heard a breakdown of the Rural Secondary Program funding from Robert Perkins.

The RS Program is funded by 22.2 percent of the motor fuels tax revenue. The funds are used for construction, reconstruction and maintenance of secondary/rural roads in each county, as stated on the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet website.

In Perkins’ breakdown, Harlan County has approved funding in the amount of $455,906 through the RS Program for this year. Three roads were given priority, under this specific funding, to receive asphalt resurfacing, which includes KY 1137, KY 3452 and KY 522.

The county also had a carryover total of $403,128.78 in RS Program funds used in 2018 on KY 2006, which is under contract for asphalt resurfacing.

In addition to the RS Program funding, the county is also receiving FD05 Program funding in the approved amount of $4,610,047.71. The FD05 Program is a statewide resurfacing program. This funding will go toward asphalt resurfacing projects along portions of U.S. 119, U.S. 421, KY 2424 and KY 3463 — all of which are currently under contract. Another portion of U.S. 119 under contract is also scheduled to receive micro-surfacing.

The FD05 Program estimates work needing done on KY 38, KY 160 and U.S. 421 to be in the amount of $978,592. These three road projects have all been scheduled to receive asphalt resurfacing through the FD05 funding.

Under the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) funding, guardrail will be replaced on portions of KY 987 and KY 840 in the amount of $288,019.38.

Bridges in Harlan County are also scheduled to receive repairs.

Through the FD04 Program, a contracted section of U.S. 119 is scheduled for bridge repairs and preventive maintenance. The funding for this project totals $2,277,472.70.

The Bridging KY Program has approved funding for $509,422.63 as well. This funding is to be used on CR 1218 on a number of bridge repairs, including diversion, crack repairs, concrete deck and new guardrail. The project’s estimated completion is within 30 calendar days.

Another project under the Bridging KY Program lies along KY 219. The project will be bridge superstructure rehab, including part-width construction, replacement of existing metal beams with concrete box beams and waterproofing membrane with asphalt. The project’s estimated completion is within 60 calendar days.

A vast amount of other roads are also scheduled for maintenance in the county, coming to a combined total of 317.167 miles needing work, including the roads mentioned above.