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Investigation should move to those who started probe

Mueller, Mueller, Mueller anyone?

Recently, special counsel Robert Mueller released the culmination of the two-year-long-plus investigation into the alleged collusion, between President Trump and Russia. As many of us knew, or at least speculated from the get-go, these allegations were without merit. And that was being generous. Though the full report is yet to be released, the report says that no collusion can be found. This, after years of investigation, hundreds of witnesses, countless man hours, and millions of dollars or resources expended, just to soothe Hillary Clinton’s ego in the loss she incurred.

The allegations of Russian collusion began when a fabricated dossier alleging, of then candidate Trump, being caught in compromising and bribable situations.The dossier was leaked to intelligence communities and media outlets. They ran with the wildly fabricated and unvetted stories. All the while, ignoring more concrete allegations between the Clinton foundation and sales of uranium.

I would like to be of the mind that we should set partisanship aside and move forward in this country. And to a degree I do think that. However, I do believe that now that the Mueller probe is through with its investigation of President Trump, that a new investigation should begin. Those who began this whole debacle with fabricated allegations, and those involved in the scandal of the sale of uranium to Russia, should be investigated, with as much fervor and tenacity as the Mueller Probe.


Do you live under a rock? No, seriously, do you live under a rock? That is about the only way you could have avoided that insanity that was Jussie Smollet and the “This is MAGA country hate hoax” of late.

For those unfamiliar, and I honestly am very jealous of you if you are, Jusie Smollett is an actor on a TV show who falsely accused two imaginary white Trump supporters attacking him at 2 a.m. in one of the rougher neighborhoods in Chicago.

If your BS meter went off pretty quickly, then you’re not alone. There were plenty of people right and left, black and white who were very skeptical of the story from the get-go. After a lengthy and thorough investigation, Chicago police found the narrative unraveling. They also found two Nigerian brothers, who had worked with Smollett on his TV show, who confessed to being the perpetrators of this hate hoax. Evidence showed that he paid them with a personal check, of which they were able to show they had purchased many of the items. This included the rope that fashioned the noose that Smollett put around his own neck.

It was a debacle that bordered on laughable. Smollett was charged with over 16 felonies in regard to the crimes and faced years in prison. Justice however was not to be as the Cook County prosecutor in charge dropped all charges and sealed the record at the behest of Obama surrogates and Michelle Obama herself.

Aside from infuriating much of the right in this country. This manufactured crime infuriated Democrats, including Chicago mayor Rahm Emmanuel (who would never be mistaken for right wing) were visibly and very vocal in their frustration with the way this debacle has handled. Chicago police unions have called for the Federal Bureau of Investigation to become involved and to possibly seek federal charges. We’ll have to be patient and see what happens, but as it stands currently, it seems clear that a man who risked stirring up racial strife and possible violence to ensure himself more money in a contract, will escape facing the consequences for his actions. It’s also clear in his interviews proceeding this that he feels little to no remorse for his actions.


It’s an election year in Kentucky and I will not offer an endorsement or criticism of any candidate. I ask that all of us, Republican and Democrat alike, do our due diligence in vetting all the candidates. I also ask that we carefully examine where the candidates stand on issues that affect us in eastern Kentucky — that of roads, pension reform, economic development, resource management, infrastructure and environmental stability. These are things that should be important to all of us.