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LHCU now taking applications for 2019

Leadership Harlan County United is accepting applications for the 2019 academy. Beginning in April, the 2019 class will meet monthly through October to cover pertinent leadership topics and issues facing Harlan County, according to the program’s public service announcement.

LHCU is a training and technical assistance program that builds teams of emerging leaders from Harlan County from differing boundaries of class, ethnicity and geography, according to its program summary. The program targets emerging leaders, people who have leadership roles in their communities, but may not have an established position.

Participants attend an opening session and a six day-long training seminars during a seven-month period.

LHCU’s philosophy is based on a set of core beliefs about the way to create leaders in the rural communities:

• Collaborative leadership is the path to a brighter future;

• Successful change and innovation depends on the ability of leaders to think strategically about issues and options;

• Teams of committed people who are unified across traditional boundaries can come together as informed catalysts to encourage specific development;

• Real change occurs when leaders act from their head and heart.

The direction of the program is controlled by a team, or steering committee, comprised of community members, the group guides the recruitment and selection process, administers logistics of sessions, identifies facilitators, develops curriculum and coordinates activities, according to LHCU’s program management section.

“It’s great to know that we have 271 graduates during our 20-year storied history of Leadership Harlan County United,” Harlan County Cooperative Extension Agent Jeremy Williams said in a letter addressed to LHCU alumni and friends.

“The alumni of this organization are part of its driving force, and in the past, you have graciously brought in students for the LHCU academies, as well as helped in our efforts to search for sponsorship dollars,” Williams said. “Therefore, with the help of our alumni and friends, the steering committee plans to make 2019 one of the best for LHCU, and we know that we can count on you for your help once again.”

The application asks for basic personal information, education and employment information, examples of community involvement and other general information.

Those who are interested in applying should request an application form by calling (606) 573-4464. The deadline for the 2019 LHCU application is March 29.