Investigation recovers stolen vehicles, property

An investigation into stolen vehicles netted a high-speed chase that ended with the participation of floodwaters. The recent record-breaking rainfall proved a help and a hindrance to officers as they attempted to nab a fleeing suspect.

Tazewell Police Department (TPD) officers were in the midst of a combined law enforcement sweep with the Claiborne County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) and the New Tazewell Police Department (NTPD) in locating stolen vehicles and property. The agencies attempted to execute a high-risk arrest warrant at the residence of Kevin Dalton, located on Lock Lane in the Cedar Grove community of Tazewell.

Apparently an individual, later identified as Harlan, Kentucky resident Brock Farley, did not want to participate in the warrant service. According to a TPD press release, the suspect fled in a black SUV, driving at a high rate of speed and failing to obey commands to stop. TPD officer Jason Pabon and police chief Jeremy Myers gave chase.

Farley stopped his vehicle about a mile away when he came upon police cruisers parked in the road. He apparently decided not to stay and accelerated, nearly running over two police officers in an attempt to escape. The vehicle then struck a CCSO patrol car before stalling out in floodwaters flowing across the roadway.

A standoff between Farley, chief Myers and officers Pabon and Isaac Cline ensued for several minutes.

According to the press release, the subject refused orders to exit and “show his hands.” He continued to make “furtive movements” inside the vehicle, leading the officers to believe he was armed.

After several more minutes, Farley exited his vehicle, but again refused to obey commands. A struggle occurred in the rainwater runoff before officers tased him. According to the release, the suspect did not want to give up. He allegedly grabbed both of the chief’s legs which, the release says, led Myers to believe the suspect was trying to “take him down” in the water.

Farley was transported to the Claiborne Medical Center for treatment.

He was later moved to the Claiborne County Jail, where he and Dalton remain behind bars awaiting arraignment, as of press time.

Officer Cline was treated by EMS for a pit bull bite he received during the incident.

New Tazewell Police detective Gary Ruszkowski and chief Ben Evans were instrumental in recovering a stolen truck. The two officers led the effort in arresting Dalton.

According to the press release, all three agencies have located vehicles linked to Dalton.

The CCSO is working with Kentucky State Police in handling stolen vehicles that were recovered in that state.