Annual 4-H summer camp is coming up

Published 6:23 am Monday, June 4, 2018

Fifty-two campers, ages 9-13, four teen leaders and nine adult volunteers from Harlan County will be attending 4-H Camp at J. M. Feltner 4-H Camp in London, Kentucky. Campers will have about 20 classes from which to choose during the four day event. Each camper will select four classes for each day. Some of these classes will be basketball, arts and crafts, nature, archery, no-sew fleece, volleyball, riflery, swimming, canoeing, ropes challenge, foods classes, sewing, tennis, line-dancing, games and recreation. Sally Dancing and a Farewell Campfire are among other special events for this week.

Nights and afternoons will be filled with many special events. These may include swimming, water games, carnival games, campfires, hay ride and a Variety Show. A polar bear swim or fishing will be a special event for all brave campers at 6:30 am on Wednesday morning. The theme this year will be “4-H — Out of this World.”

Campers will stay in cabins with 14 or 24 other campers, a teen camp leader, and an adult counselor. Campers will sleep in bunk beds with real mattresses, so hopefully everyone remembered to pack a sleeping bag or brought sheets and pillows, since we will be leaving for camp the morning this article appears in the newspaper. Bathhouse facilities include showers, toilets, sinks and even hot water. This summer, all cabins will be air conditioned.

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Extra spending money may be brought for sodas, T-shirts, crafts, snacks or Country Store items. Campers will also need to pack soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, washcloth, towels, comb or brush, and other personal items. We will be walking a lot so make sure you pack shoes that are comfortable and sturdy. You might want to bring two pair in case of rain and mud! Jeans, shorts, T-shirts, tops, rain gear, sweat shirt or light jacket, swimsuits (no cut-offs for swim wear, please), socks and under clothing are the remaining items you need to pack. You might want to bring a few dollars for snacks and postcards. One carton of milk is provided with each meal. Extra cartons of milk are 25 cents each. No camper should bring more than $15 to camp. If the camper must call home, to avoid collect call charges, you might want to send a calling card for him or her to call home. A copy of each camper’s health insurance or current medical card must be presented to the 4-H agent before June 19. Medications must be in the original prescription bottle or container, placed in a zip lock bag and labeled with the camper’s name. Shot records must also be up-to-date. These must be given to the agent or 4-H assistants before the bus departs on Tuesday, June 19.

What not to pack! Please do not bring expensive cameras, watches, jewelry, a lot of money, or other valuable items which might get misplaced. Absolutely NO cell phones or pagers, please, just stick to the calling card. NO tape players jam boxes, radios,

Electronic games (Game Boy – PSP) or CD players should be taken to camp. The best place for these items is home. This is an outdoors adventure. Campers, please, remember only ONE suitcase per person plus bedding.

The 4-H Camping Program teaches leadership skills and responsibility while campers are experiencing the time of their lives. Campers will have different responsibilities, including tidying up cabins, cleaning up cafeteria and grounds.

Camp orientation session one was held May 15 at the Extension Office. The next session is scheduled for this week, June 7th at the Extension Depot at 6 p.m. Each camper and his or her parent or guardian must have attended one of these sessions to be able to attend camp. Rules were discussed and questions from parents and campers were addressed. Camp orientation is mandatory for attending overnight 4-H Camp.

Campers will meet at 8:30 a.m. at James A. Cawood Elementary School parking lot on June 19. Buses will depart at 9 a.m. for camp. Buses will return to James A. Cawood Elementary School parking lot at 2 p.m. on Friday afternoon, June 22. Parents or guardians must be on time to pick up their campers. Each camper must have the health form filled out on the second page of the application. The school nurse, a doctor, or health department official may fill out these forms and sign them.

J. M. Feltner 4-H Camp is located in London, Kentucky across form Levi Jackson State Park just off Highway 229. Directions to camp from Harlan are: Highway 119 to Pineville, take Highway 25E north to Barbourville, take Highway 229 to J. M. Feltner 4-H Camp on the right at Levi Jackson State Park. The camp is approximately one and one-half hours from Harlan.

I would like to thank those business or individuals who donated to the 4-H Camp Scholarship Fund this year. Anyone interested in contributing to the 4-H Scholarship fund may do so at any time by contacting the Harlan County Extension Service at 606-573-4464 or 606-273-0835. The 4-H Camp price this year is $205 per camper. Generous donations this year enabled all campers to attend camp with half or part scholarships if needed. Checks may be made payable to Harlan County 4-H Council Scholarship Fund.

I would also like to thank all the parents who got applications in early. Camp is full as of now with only a few on the waiting list.

For more information about this topic or about 4-H programs, contact Raymond Cox at the Harlan County Cooperative Extension Service Office or call 606-573-4464.

Raymond Cox is the county extension agent for 4-H/youth development. Educational programs of the Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service serve all people regardless of race, color, age, sex, religion, disability or national origin.