Paths to Promise: Program available to those who qualify

Published 9:34 am Friday, June 1, 2018

The Harlan County Community Action Agency has a number of programs aimed at assisting those looking for a path to employment, including the Paths to Promise program.

CAA Career Advisor Joshua Sargent explained how the program works.

“Paths to Promise is a federal grant program that you can enroll in up until August if you qualify for SNAP benefits,” Sargent said. “It can help with schooling, work experience, gas (and) transportation money. It’s an excellent program.”

Sargent said the program is open to people 18 to 54 years old who meet the requirements for the program. The program will be available until August.

“You have to be receiving SNAP benefits, and you cannot have any children under the age of 6 or be on any other type of assistance such as KTAP or other programs,” Sargent said. “I would suggest anybody that is interested just come out and see us.”

Sargent said he has been with the program since February.

“Anybody who wants information on the program should call Sandra Howard or me, and we can direct them from there,” Sargent said. “They can also come to the CAA offices and walk in… and we can put them in the system.”

Sargent explained acceptance into the program does rely on a certain amount of chance.

“It’s a lottery,” Sargent said. “You either get in the general or extended program. It’s basically a 50/50 draw on which one you get in.”

Once in the extended program, participants have many resources available to them including resume building classes and a work experience program.

“We’ll be able to put them to work, put them in college – pay for school – and we will be able to assist with transportation including up to $1,500 in vehicle repairs,” Sargent said.

Sargent said the process to see if someone qualifies for the program only takes about 15 minutes.

“There are programs out here,” Sargent said. “Don’t just sit at the house and wish something would happen. Come on out here and we can start working on finding something that can work.”

Anybody interested in any of the programs may go to the CAA offices located in the old National Guard Armory at 319 Camden Street in Sunshine or call 606-573-5335.