June is adopt a cat month

Published 2:30 pm Friday, June 1, 2018

Some people are dog people, and some are cat people. Designated National Adopt a Cat Month, June is the month for those who prefer feline companionship.

Those who decide to adopt a cat should know what they are getting into. The American Humane website at http://www.americanhumane.org provides information including a check list for adopting a cat.

The website gives many helpful hints including:

• If you’re thinking about adopting one cat, consider taking home a pair. Cats need mental stimulation, exercise and social interaction. Two cats can provide each other with these activities;

• Locate a cat whose personality meshes with yours. Cats each have their own personality. As a general rule, long haired cats with round heads and bodies are more easygoing than typically more active cats with lean bodies, narrow heads and short hair;

• Find a veterinarian before acquiring a cat and schedule a visit soon following the adoption;

• Make sure everyone in the house is agreeable to having a cat before it comes home;

• Budget for all costs, both short and long-term. Owning a pet is a responsibility along with the costs that come with it;

• Stock up on supplies before the cat arrives. Be prepared so your new cat can start feeling at home right away. Cats require food and water bowls, cat litter, a litter box, food, safe and stimulating toys, a bed, a brush for grooming and other items.

Cats are unique animals, with many quirks and behaviors that keep many people frequently entertained.

The website www.taketheleadpetcare.com offers some interesting facts about cats for those who are interested in them, such as: a cat sees six times better at night than humans; healthy cats are in a deep sleep approximately 15 percent of their lives and are in a light sleep about 50 percent of the time; in the Boston area, cats with six toes are common enough that it is considered an “established mutation.”

For more information on adopting a cat, contact the Harlan County Animal Shelter at 606-573-8867.