Hobo the Wonder Dog salutes nurses

Published 6:30 am Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Can you believe another Nurses Week has passed? Seemingly, time is passing faster and faster each year. Wow, and how the practice of nursing has changed through time — and would Florence Nightingale approve? I recently thumbed through a picture book of cancer treatments in the early 1920s and 30s — to say the least we have come a long way. The nursing profession has come a long way too. Last week Hobo the Wonder Dog as always was a good sport participating in a photo op to salute Nurses Week 2018. A nurse’s cap created the perfect nursing symbol even though nurse’s caps are relics of distant memories. My mom’s nursing cap from the 1970’s came out of storage and I have to say Hobo the Wonder Dog wore it well.

Today nurses practice without the cap and many other traditions of the past associated with nursing. I admit nursing is hard work, mentally, physically, and emotionally to say the least. Nurses I know work harder today than we did ten years ago—constantly on the go. We battle a clock filled with task, call lights representing needs, phones to answer, text messages to read, questions to answer, medications to give—yet we do all these things while comforting the sickest of these. Sometimes, our greatest contribution to our patients is to listen or hold their hand during their time of need. Nurses are there when we come into the world; and in many cases we are the ones holding the hand of those leaving this world.

Hobo the Wonder Dog is a good example of how the patience of nursing help us heal. Hobo’s beginning was rocky, turbulent, and abusive. By being kind, caring, consistent, working with others, constantly educating, and reassuring, we celebrate Hobo’s accomplishments small or large. I noticed the same qualities regardless of human or animal all of God’s creatures need a nurse of sorts in their lives. I believe the art of nursing is far deeper than a college degree or certification—nursing is accentuated by empathy and caring. I nurse Hobo the Wonder Dog to trust more, fear less, be healthy, and enjoy a dog’s life.

Nursing challenges one’s ability to balance multiple things at once, work under pressure, and sometimes under impossible circumstances. Nurses are advocates, healers, cheerleaders, educators, and the one who calms the fears. Nurses Week celebrates a nurses contribution to our communities, our patients, and our families. We reflect on the contributions nurses made before us while embracing the future of our profession. I do believe Florence Nightingale the founder of modern nursing would be proud of her influence and contribution to nursing.

Hobo the Wonder Dog salutes nurses!

Life is better with a dog — woof!

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