A goodbye letter to the Class of 2018

Published 12:15 pm Monday, May 14, 2018

I wish I could open with a classic valedictorian-like line, “we made it,” but we aren’t quite there yet. It is nearing the end, and we are all becoming antsy, plagued with senioritis. We shuffle from class to class wondering what our lasting purpose is in those halls. While many of us frequently mutter the phrases “I can’t wait to get out of here,” or “college can’t come soon enough,” deep down we feel a sense of comfort and safety where we are. This familiar environment will soon be a thing of the past as we embark on our college journey. My purpose in writing this letter is to express my thoughts and feelings toward my classmates as high school draws to an inevitable close.

To those I pass in the halls, who I have never spoken to. Whether it is because we have never had a class together or because our social activities are unrelated, we have walked past each other for four years without a word. We know each other’s names, recognize each other’s faces but do not have enough in common to hold any conversation. I may not think about you much, but you will become so important to me when I begin college in the fall, surrounded by unfamiliar faces without names. Seeing you every day has brought me a sense of comfort, routine and reassurance that I will not have once I enter a new school in a new town.

To my acquaintances, who I have a few classes with but do not socialize with outside of school. We have formed a special type of bond after sitting through classes together. The boring ones, the grueling ones and the chill ones: you were always there to crack a joke or make small talk, even though we weren’t quite friends. You made sitting through class much easier, and I could always count on you to grin back at me when I offered a smile.

To my best friends, who have been in my life since preschool, and also who have been there not only since freshman year but feel like I have known forever. Nothing I say can properly put into perspective how I feel about all of you, and how I feel about our senior year coming to a close. What I know for a fact is I have never met such a kind, understanding, caring group of people in my life. We have made amazing memories together the past four years, and the best is yet to come as the end-of-senior-year activities commence. I know we will have a fantastic summer full of laughs and adventures and late nights discussing what awaits us in the fall. Although we are all excited for this journey, the underlying fear remains that we won’t find the same relationship with people we meet at college that we do with each other. I can only hope that the people lucky enough to room with you and spend time with you realize what a blessing you are.

Thank you, Class of 2018. You have each made my high school experience one that I will always treasure, whether you know everything about me or have just walked past me for four years.