Entrepreneurial program concludes

Published 10:50 am Friday, May 11, 2018

A program based on the book “Who Owns the Ice House” by Clifton Taulbert wrapped up on Thursday, leaving several of the participants satisfied with the experience.

The five-night program took place on the Harlan campus of Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College and focused on helping individuals achieve an entrepreneurial mindset.

In a previous report, program representative Mathew Huffman explained the book is an examination of the principles and actions Taulbert learned from observing his uncle start his own business and interact with the community.

“The series is focused on the entrepreneur mindset, the decisions we make and how we see the world and interact with others,” Huffman said.

According to a press release, the training was designed for anyone interested in starting or growing a business or learning how to use a creative, problem-solving mindset to be more successful in everyday life.

Local business owner Donell Busroe attended the sessions after having read “Who Owns the Ice House” some time ago.

“I read the Ice House book almost a year ago,” Busroe said. “I loved the book. It’s very concise, the lessons are very easy to understand. They’re very relative to the lifestyle that people live around here: Simple, high moral character. It shows how the things we normally do and the things we aspire to be can be applied to entrepreneurship and can catapult you to success.”

Busroe stated once she read the book, she felt every high school and college student should read it.

“I feel like these lessons can be learned by people as young as freshmen in high school,” Busroe said. “The sooner you start applying these types of lessons to your life, I guarantee you the more beneficial and fruitful your life is going to be.”

Sandra Johnson said she decided to attend the program at the prompting of a friend. She explained what she feels was the most important lesson learned through the program.

“Given the right motivations, success is attainable for nearly anyone who is willing to work,” Johnson said. “That’s the thrust of this I believe.”

Noah Busroe also attended the sessions.

“From this class, I’m taking away exactly what it means to be an entrepreneur,” Noah Busroe said. “You have to change your mindset…it’s not just luck, it’s not just work ethic, it’s not just having a fantastic IQ. It’s not just one thing. It’s a mindset that you have to have, and you have to continue to persevere to become successful.”

The program took place concurrently in several Kentucky Promise Zone counties including Harlan, Knox, Bell and Letcher. This training was made possible by an economic development grant from USDA Rural Development and other sources, including the Kentucky Innovation Network, The Kentucky Highlands Investment Corporation and the Kentucky Entrepreneur Network.