HCHS, Harlan seniors visit Southeast

Published 1:15 pm Monday, April 30, 2018

Students from both Harlan County High School and Harlan High School were invited for a day of exploring the Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College campus on Thursday. Students met members of the college staff and created schedules for the upcoming semester.

A large number of high school seniors showed up to become the next incoming freshmen, allowing a proper introduction to take place in the auditorium as the students received backpacks full of useful information for their soon-to-be school. Many programs offered at SKCTC were thoroughly explained by the staff, as well as shown through PowerPoint. At any time, students were able to ask questions and interact with the staff to have a better understanding of how the school operates.

After the introduction, tours were provided to ensure students were given a full look at several important areas on campus and would be able to locate their classes once they start. Various topics were covered, such as financial aid and tutoring, allowing students to get the help needed to succeed in college when the next semester begins. A pizza lunch was also provided after the discussion, along with various games for students to participate in, including corn hole and a football toss. Students were able to unwind and enjoy their experience on campus through activities and games together.

Students were later provided the materials and help needed to pick classes best suited to their plans for when their first semester begins. There were numerous types of classes from which to choose, pleasing many of the students. Everything seemed to run smoothly as many students were enrolled in the classes of their choice, able to begin their new chapter after high school. After students were given their schedules and many forms of contact information for the college, many left campus with hopes of a brighter future once classes begin.

When the tour was over, the staff ensured all students had their questions answered, were content with their class choices, knew their way around the campus and had their schedules printed off for future reference. When all was well, students were then allowed to finish off the day by returning to their schools. For many students, this was the best way to get a true understanding of the campus and everything within it. This experience gave them the chance to take a day off and truly think about their future in college next semester. It was an opportunity that really seemed to help them.

“It was a great trip that I enjoyed,” said Laura Creech, a senior at Harlan County High School. “The tour was helpful, the staff was friendly and I had the perfect chance to sign up for classes that I really think will be great. It was a very nice event at the college that I’ll really benefit from. It’ll be a big change, but I can’t wait to start attending college.”

— — —

(Megan McKnight is a senior at Harlan County High School and a member of the Bear Tracks staff)