Additional employers considering Teleworks

Published 9:18 am Tuesday, April 17, 2018

During a meeting on Tuesday, the Harlan Fiscal Court was informed of the possibility of more jobs being created through the Teleworks USA facility.

Harlan County Judge-Executive Dan Mosley updated the panel during the last minutes of the meeting.

“Yesterday, we were fortunate enough to be able to speak to a group of people in Hazard (about) our Teleworks USA hub,” Mosley said. “We (spoke to) approximately 15 companies…Four of the 15 are already doing business with Teleworks, but 11 of them are looking at using Teleworks USA for training for their employees.”

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Mosley said those companies include such organizations as Amazon and Hilton.

“Those folks toured the region yesterday,” Mosley said. “I had dinner with them at the Benham Inn last night. They spent the night at the Benham Inn and did the Portal 31 tour this morning.”

Mosley told the magistrates the group would be at the Teleworks facility shortly after the meeting.

“They’ve greatly enjoyed their experience,” Mosley said. “These folks are from Texas, California, New York, Washington, all over the United States. They’re here looking at the potential of employing more of our people.”

Magistrate David Kennedy said not enough Harlan County residents are aware of the Teleworks USA facility. Mosley pointed out anyone looking for a job in Harlan County should check with Teleworks.

“There have been 200 people hired, and now there’s the potential to have even more hired,” Mosely said.

After the meeting, Mosley, Kennedy and magistrates Bill Moore, Jim Roddy, James Howard and Clark “Sparky” Middleton arrived at the Teleworks USA facility to greet representatives from the interested companies.

“It’s great to have you all here,” Mosley told the reps. “I really hope you’ve enjoyed your stay here in Harlan County.”

Mosley said the Teleworks facility was made possible through EKCEP, the Appalachian Regional Commission and the Harlan Fiscal Court.

“I’m pleased to say all of the magistrates are here,” Mosley said. “They voted unanimously a couple of years ago to lease this facility.”

Mosley pointed out many people in Harlan are also working from home as a result of the Teleworks facility.

“You will not find a group of people more dedicated to their jobs as you’ll find right here,” Mosley said. “We appreciate you for coming and looking at eastern Kentucky.”

Mosley mentioned members of One Harlan County and the Harlan County Chamber of Commerce were also in attendance.